We provide NDVI Aerial Drone Mapping and Crop Inspection Services across Australia including Sydney Melbourne Brisbane Perth Adelaide Canberra

Drone Services Australia uses drones to assess crop health through infrared NDVI (normalised difference vegetation index) mapping (Aerial Mapping / Crop Inspection)

Using normalised difference vegetation index (NDVI) drone technology (our mapping method that identifies whether an area contains live green vegetation or not) our drone surveillance services can provide an early warning of crop stress and crop health issues on farming properties.

Whilst the use of NDVI technology is not new (previously used through satellite and plane surveying), today, drones can provide a far more detailed map resolution, measuring areas within centimetres, compared to metres. Not to mention that drones can now perform this task faster and dramatically cheaper.

Farmers and Agronomists are utilising our services and technology to provide more site-specific information about how they can manage their nitrogen or their water on their land.

Our drones can be used to map a range of different agricultural crops including broad acre, vineyards, horticulture, and orchards.

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We perform three or four fly-overs of your crop to produce our NDVI Drone Aerial Mapping. Our final report doesn’t replace the fact that you still have to go out and ground proof, but it saves you a lot of time because you can go straight to the clearly targetted areas.

NDVI Drone Service and Aerial Mapping technology is still a very new technology. We actively work with farmers to create specific maps and applications for their specific crop needs.


We charge between $7 to $10 a hectare depending on overall size of land and the type of crop.

When the information our technology creates is analysed correctly, farmers can clearly see which crops are stressed in advance, saving farmers lots of money and potentially making them loads more. For example, proactive crop attention to areas picked up as in trouble by our technology, has the possibility of turning a $3000 a tonne yield into a $6000 a tonne yield.

Another way for farmers to save money using our NDVI Drone Technology, is to reduce the cost on crops that are too stressed and beyond repair. Rather than going and spraying everything as farmers have traditionally been doing, they can stop the spray on certain areas, which stops the input costs being wasted.

Our NDVI maps work best if we perform our services right after germination from broad acre. In this way, we can instantly identify chemical burn, allowing proactive re-seeding of damaged areas before the season truly gets underway.

normalised difference vegetation index (NDVI) drone aerial mapping australia perth western australia

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